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international shipping

We Ship Worldwide !

 Miso Pup ships Internationally via FedEx, US Postal Service and also via our merchant partners,

Options are available at checkout.  

Please feel free to contact us if you prefer another carrier or would like a Shipping Quote.

MYUS.COM allows international buyers to purchase from any Online US Site.  Take advantage of Free US shipping, by sending it to them, they Bundle you purchases and SHIP IT TO YOU. is a shipping consolidator, which means you can shop on US store sites that don’t ship internationally, to you. Best of all, you can have all your purchases shipped directly to you at one time. When you sign up at, you are provided with a US shipping address, to their warehouse, where they will inspect the merchandise, prepare international paperwork and then forward your merchandise to you, in your home country.

Miso Pup is proud to be a merchant partner of, a premiere shipping service that makes it possible for us to offer International Shipping to more than 220 countries. It’s an easy, fast and a cost effective way for PupSize® Pet Parents, living outside of the United States to shop online, at stores like Miso, as they Take, Carry and Spoil their small dogs. members receive deeply discounted shipping rates, exceptional customer service, 24/7 online access to their account, and access to other services. In addition, allows you to, not only, shop online at Miso Pup, but now, you can treat yourself and your fur baby, to online purchases from US retailer, without worrying about their international shipping services. Sign up is easy.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

  1.   Sign up with and get your MyUS address to use at checkout
    Click the banner, choose a membership plan and they provide you with your own, suite number for a U.S.-based address.
  2. Start Shopping online at US stores and have your packages sent to your MyUS address .
    Use your new address as your shipping address for all your online shopping.
  3. Your shipments will arrive at your door in 2-4 business days will receive your order at their warehouse located in Sarasota, Florida, inspect the merchandise, prepare international paperwork and then forward your merchandise to you in your home country. Packages are sent to you using trusted delivery services, like FedEx, UPS and DHL, to ensure your packages are received quickly and securely.

They specialized in international package consolidation services, so purchases from different U.S. merchants can be sent to you in one convenient package- making it easy and saving you money.’s Personal Shopper service can accept wire transfers and make purchases on your behalf, they can also accepts cards with international billing addresses, as well as, those issued by non-U.S. financial institutions.

For more information, Visit

“Let’s go” – Shipping Miso Pup Internationally

  1. Once you and the little one are done shopping and have added items to your cart, proceed to our Checkout page.
  2. International Shoppers- Click on the Sign up with  A popup window will open, allowing you to sign up for a U.S. based address. Membership options are available and if you are placing ordering multiple item, multiply orders, or plan on shopping & shipping at other U.S. based stores, be sure to select the “Premium Membership” for greatest savings!
  3. Use you NEW U.S-based Shipping address and complete your order. Shipping costs from to the warehouse, located in Sarasota, Florida, may apply, but Good News, you can now take advantage of our Free U.S. shipping offers.
  4. Within 24 hours, you will receive a tracking number from Miso notifying you that your PupSize® Products are on their way to the facility.
  5. When receives your order at their warehouse, they will notify you for shipping instructions, inspect the merchandise and begin to forward your order. You can choose to have them hold your merchandise until all your U.S. merchant purchases arrive, so they can consolidate and them shipped as one package.

Miso Pup International Shipping Charges

To calculate the shipping charges visit MyUS Shipping Cost Calculator. MyUS.Com offers simplified shipping rates based on weight from a variety of trusted delivery partners

Miso Pup Carriers and Handbag “Shell” Totes vary in weight. Weight for each bag is available on its product page, on the Additional Information tab.   For reference only, One (1) Miso Pup Mesh Bag and Two (2) Handbag “Shell” Totes, weigh approximately 4 pounds and typically do not exceed 7 pounds.

Product Restrictions

Please check out the restrictions reference guide at to make sure you’ll be able to receive your order. ships to more than 225 countries around the world, however they are unable to ship to Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, Syria, Sudan and N. Korea.

International Reselling

The unauthorized reselling or distribution of Miso Pup PupSize® products are prohibited. Orders placed with the intention of exchanging money for product, are against our company policy. We have alerts in our system set up to identify such orders. Miso Pup reserves the right to cancel any order, without prior notification to the customer. Obtaining a MyUS membership does not bypass this company policy. If you would like clarification on whether your order is considered “reselling,” please apply for a wholesale or affiliate account. If you choose to use to export your order outside of the continental United States, Alaska, or Hawaii, then we consider the continental U.S. address to be the destination for your order. Our responsibility for loss or damage to your order ends once it reaches the MyUS facility safely in Florida. We recommend reviewing insurance options for international shipments before you place your order. Membership Benefits

  • Save money! Consolidate multiple purchases into one shipment!
  • World-class customer service.
  • Express door-to-door delivery options.
  • Buy from almost any U.S. retailer.
  • Easy access to verify that your order is correct.
  • View images of your merchandise before arranging delivery.

SIGN UP NOW. All members receive our world-class customer service and express door-to-door delivery options. Cancel or change at any time!