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Yes, it’s true. I kiss my dog and I like it.  Some people may think kissing a dog on their mouth is gross or disgusting and I’ll agree that kissing “A Dog” on the mouth is gross. But, I kiss “MY” dog on her mouth and I don’t think it is gross. I consider my dog…my baby and it’s not like I  kiss her while she’s eating and I never, ever kiss her if I have lipstick on. I love her more than anything, and kissing her is my way of expressing that to her.

Recently, it has been reported that researchers at the University Arizona (UA) believe that the microbes contained in a dog’s gut could have a probiotic effect on the human body – encouraging the growth of positive microorganisms…and that kissing your dog could help our digestive and immune systems by transmitting some good bacteria.

Several years ago, Dr. Mehmet Oz, hosted a segment on his show, warning a dog owner about potential hazards involved with smooching with her pup. There has also been some studies done, correlating kissing a dog with gum disease.

“If your pooch is a scavenger, then a canine lick on the lips could jeopardize your health. The half-eaten hot dog your dog found on the street — or the feces he was nibbling on — could be loaded with germs and bacteria such as toxocara, salmonella, giardia, hookworm, tapeworm and many others, putting your family’s health at risk,” Dr. Oz said in an interview with People Pets.


So, Is it safe to kiss your dog ?

Well, that I don’t really know. Like it seems in world today, first “they” say coffee is bad for you and then, next day, “they” say drinking coffee is good for you. I don’t know who “they” are, but the news always seems to find some so-called expert to find the dangers and then, the benefits in the things we love- and topic of kissing our pups is no different.

I think whenever it comes to our health and the heath of our pups, it’s always best to consult your trusted medical professional. We also need to use common sense, if we feel a cold coming on or am sipping on coffee or may have anything on our lips that may be toxic to them- including chocolate, lipstick or toothpaste- of course we should refrain from kissing them. I also think that our health includes our emotional well-being and if it make you feel good and your pup enjoys the kisses and affection, well, then pucker up.

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