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A type of dog that weighs 8 pounds or less.



adjective \ˈpəp-ˈsīz\

  1. a small adult dog ; especially : a type of dog that weighs 8 pounds or less.
  2. an extra-small size category of clothing, food, treats, toys, especially for dogs.
  3. an object or animal of this size.

adverb [with object]:

  1. produce or serve (something) in a smaller size
  1. to decrease considerably the size, amount, or extent of.


PupSize® , tiny, small, teacup, miniature, petite and little are often used interchangeably, but PupSize® is preferred with reference to hybrid designer dog breeds – (Maltipoos, Yorkipoos, Chipoos, Morkies, Pompoos, etc). These breeds are typically smaller in size and weighs between 3 and 8 pounds.

My PupSize® dog may be little, but she’s fierce.
We specialize in PupSize® products.
That dog carrier is perfectly PupSize® .
I love PupSize® dogs because they are easy to travel with.



PupSize® is a registered Trademark.




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